Everything You Need to Know About Glass Spoon Pipes

A glass spoon pipe is a type of small pipe that is shaped like a kitchen spoon. It is a simple pipe that has a bowl, a carburetor, and a stem. You put your favorite herb in the bowl, plug in the carburetor, and smoke. 

These types of pipes are usually the first pipes that people use because of their simplicity. They are easy to use for most beginning smokers. You do not need any water and it is easy to clean when you need to. 

There are many types of pipes, but this one is the easiest to use. They aren’t like perc bongs which need water and other parts to allow you to smoke from them. You just fill the pipe with what you want and smoke. 

This article will tell you about glass spoon pipes and how they are used. It will also give you more information that you might need to know. You can also do more research to get more information.

How to Use Your Glass Spoon Pipes

  1. Pack Your Pipe – The first thing you need to do is choose the herb that you want to use. Then you will need to break it down into small pieces. You can do this by using a grinder, scissors, or your fingers.

    You will not need to have a screen if your pipe is made correctly. Using a screen will make the smoke taste metallic and it is not necessary. Place the ground herb into the bowl and smoke it that way. Do not pack it in too tight, there will be too much ash on top by the time you get to the bottom and that will change your flavor. 
  2. Hold the Carburetor – Next to the bowl is another hole – this is called the carburetor, or carb for short: https://www.leafly.com/learn/cannabis-glossary/carb. Place your finger over the carb and hold it there. You must hold the pipe in such a way that you can remove your finger when you need to. This will make it easier to release the smoke when needed. 
  3. Inhale Through the Mouthpiece and Light the Bowl – These steps need to be done at the same time. If you do not inhale when you light the bowl, you could burn your finger. You can even start inhaling before you light it, so you do not get burned. Do not inhale too hard, work your way up to that. 
  4. Release the Carb – When you inhale the pipe will be completely filled with smoke. Remove your finger from the carb so that you can release the smoke. This will cause the smoke to rush in quicker so you will need to inhale not as deeply. Make sure that you save some room in your lungs for the smoke.

Color Changing Glass Spoon Pipes

There are some pipes that are made with color-changing glass. The artists use real gold and silver to create this effect. This creates a process called fuming. These metals will heat up to a temperature that causes them to make a gas that will help the bowl to change colors. 

The gaseous metal will then touch the glass and stick to it. The color-changing effect happens when the glass becomes darker. See here to learn more about how this works. Silver fuming will cause the pipe to appear yellow, while gold will cause it to be pink. True fumers can create all the colors of the rainbow just by smoking.

What to Consider When Buying a Glass Spoon Pipe

  1. Where to Buy – You can buy these pipes anywhere because they are the most popular kind. They have them on Amazon, Etsy, and smoke shops. You could also try novelty shops for a good selection of them. If you want to compare sizes and shapes, you should visit a smoke shop where they have a wider variety of them. 
  2. Size – The important thing about size is how you will use the bowl. If you are using it solo, you will want a different size than if you are using it in a group. Knowing this will help you to pick the right size. If you use them in a group, you might want to have a larger bowl. 
  3. Materials – There are other materials that you could buy for a spoon bowl. Besides glass, you could get silicone or metal. Glass is the best because it affects the taste less than the other materials. You will probably want to have the glass bowls because you will have a purer taste.
  4. Price – There are many factors that help determine the price of the bowl. Size and material are what affect the price the most. The average price, though, is usually between $10 and $50. You can spend more or less on them depending on what you want. 
  5. Handfeel – This is how the bowl feels when you hold it in your hand. They are made to be cradled in your hands, so choose one that fits your hands well. They should be your most comfortable pipe to hold. You want it to be comfortable as you pass it to your friends, as well. 
  6. Portability – You want one that will be easy to take along with you. They are usually smaller anyway, but make sure that you pick one that you can pass along easily. You want to be able to share when you have the desire to. 
  7. Customizable – These pipes are easy to customize so that you can get exactly what you want. If you think of the perfect bowl, you can probably find one on the internet. You can also have them custom-made for you. 


Glass spoon pipes are small, portable bowls that can be taken anywhere with you. They are easy to share with friends or you can take part alone. They are the perfect size to do either of these things.

They come in different styles and can even be custom-made for you. They have bowls that can change to every color of the rainbow. They also have other materials besides glass, but glass will give you the smoothest smoke.