Emotional marketing connects with the customer in a personal way. Emotional marketing is direct connecting your self-esteem. It feels better about your self. People are so inspired by brands and they use brand products. Emotional marketing refers directly to customer emotional needs, state, and aspirations. The expansion of new media channels, platforms that create consumers have greater access to brand stories and marketers have more ways to convey their brand’s identity and vision. You also saw many websites which are doing emotional marketing and engaging their audience in their own way. https://heatfeed.com/ you can see an example on heatfeed.

There are different ways of emotional marketing that can move consumers into brand fans. 


Aspiration campaigns generate a brand attendance that taps into an audience’s dreams, they want to reach a superior goal or enjoy a lifestyle or experience they long for. They may aim to be financially secure, send a child to college or hit the open road in a rank vehicle. Marketers bearing in mind an aspiration move toward must recognize the need, expect or desire their brand fills for their target customer and how their brand imitate people’s self-image and individuality. Then they must build stories that bring the vision to life.

Expressing adore: 

Expressing love means the way of expressing your affection and love towards your customers is by going straight to rewards which can come in so many different forms. It is not too much difficult marketer gives them a feeling of the deep satisfaction of the customer.


What motivates or encourages your target customers? When people are inspired, they frequently think or act in a different way. They may feel an intelligence of pride when someone they tell to accomplish an unexpected achievement or overcomes a barrier. Or, they may be influenced by seeing a good act in action.  Effectively associate your brand with a role model that people can think in may guide people to think about your product as well. Building an emotional relationship with your customers can be mysterious and generate a halo result for your brand.

A milestone connection: 

Milestone can be golden opportunity to strengthen your brands relationship with your customers. Additionally a brand can focal point on life milestone that one important to its audience and spread strategy that resume with them. Even immediately create a story about your brand’s occurrence in the lives of those experience a milestone can be very successful. New York Life features a child’s first steps and assures you that it will be there for “all of life’s ups and downs.”  And Haggis goes into the delivery room in its “Baby’s First Hug” campaign to take you back new moms that hugs strengthen babies’ immune systems.  

The local angle: 

A brand can obtain fans by connecting to people’s passion and satisfactions where they live. Brands can up to date “buy local” strategy and platforms to the cities in which they do business. National automobile brands, retailers and banks safe into their local markets during campaign featuring well-known local attractions, local schools and colleges, and homeland sports teams. Brands like Bank of America and Target play energetic roles in local programs and partnership that makes communities superior places to live and work. 

While in theory any of these emotional marketing approaches can be appropriate to every kind of business even if you have a website  it will work