5 Interesting Facts About The Morning After Pill

Contraceptives like condoms, birth control pills, or natural family planning are worth taking to prevent pregnancies, stay on top of your reproductive health, and take charge of your life. However, emergency contraceptives like the morning after pill exist to reduce unplanned pregnancies after unprotected sex. Below are five interesting facts about the morning after pill that are always worth remembering.

1. The Pill Is Available On Prescription and Over-The-Counter

Many women of childbearing age have easy access to morning-after pills since they are widely available, accessible and vital to female reproductive health. Consequently, you can get a prescription for your morning-after pill from your doctor or visit your local pharmacy to obtain it over-the-counter. In addition, it is possible to order morning-after medicines like Ezinelle online from a trusted online pharmacy if you prefer not to visit your doctor or local pharmacy. These online pharmacies usually sell drugs at lower costs, and you can also enjoy the discretion and convenience that accompanies their services.

2. You Can Take It 3-5 Days After Unprotected Sex

The timeframe of the morning-after pill’s efficacy is longer than its name implies, so you don’t necessarily have to take these pills precisely the following day after sex. You can take some of these pills three to five days after unprotected sex or if your regular contraceptive method has failed, depending on the specific formula you are taking. However, many experts advise taking it as soon as possible even though it can work for up to five days after sex because these pills may become less effective the longer you wait to take them. Consequently, always take it as promptly as you can after sex instead of waiting until the next day.

3. They Don’t Cause Infertility

Many women hoping to have children in the future naturally have concerns about the impact of taking these pills on their long-term fertility. However, there is no evidence that these pills impact any future pregnancies or fertility. Also, some women believe that you can take these pills only a fixed number of times before their long-term impact on fertility shows, but this is not true. However, taking these pills frequently can lead to irregular and unpredictable periods, so keep this in mind.

4. It Is Not An Abortion Pill

The morning-after pill doesn’t cause spontaneous periods or abortion, so you can’t take it to terminate already-existing pregnancies. The medication works by delaying ovulation, ensuring that the sperm waiting to fertilise released eggs in the fallopian tube will not meet any eggs. As such, these emergency pills function a lot like regular contraceptive pills by preventing egg release. Therefore, they have nothing to do with miscarriages or abortions.

5. Emergency Use Only

Morning-after pills aren’t designed for use as a primary birth control method. These pills aren’t as effective as condoms, coils, implants, and other methods. Consequently, consider taking these pills only as a last resort after having unprotected sex or when your regular birth control method fails.