Taking your car outside for the first time is daunting for anyone. No matter what your age is or how much you have seen others drive, there’s a fear that grips you the first time you are behind the wheel and feel the cars zooming by. This task has become more difficult with time as the traffic has increased exponentially and there are a lot of hazards involved now that weren’t before. You might enjoy the newfound freedom that you feel as you drive, but you also might notice that there isn’t anyone here to hold the wheel for you or to tell you what to do next. It’s all you out there, and you have to do everything now. You have to navigate the hazardous traffic, you have to make the signals, you have to interpret the signs, and you have to know where you are going.

But don’t let us discourage you from taking your car and going down the road. Building your confidence in driving is not that difficult when you know what you are doing.  First of all, you have to take driving lessons. You need to do your research and find a good driving school. If you go to an exceptional school like EzLicence Melbourne will become a breeze, and you will sail through without any problems. Once you have passed the driving test, selected a reliable and trustworthy car, and have taken care of the insurance, all you have to do is to give your confidence a boost, and you will be able to drive like a pro in no time.


Here we are going to share some of the practical tips and tricks that will turn you into a professional driver.


Once we have taken the driving lessons and passed the test, we feel invincible. We feel like we can face any road and tackle any obstacle that comes in our way. We are just roaring to put our foot on the pedal and make like Vin Diesel. But the truth is that mastery in any subject or skill comes with practice. Practice does make perfect, and you can never forget that. The same is the case with building confidence in driving. It will take some time, and you have to put in the effort if you ever want to be a good driver. So, put in the time and watch as your skills improve. Take time out daily and take a trip even if it’s for 10-15 minutes. You don’t need to set a destination. Even if you drive around the block a few times, it will be perfect. Try to include all the sub-skills related to driving like parking, driving around roundabouts and other skills.


Another thing that you need to practice is driving around the town at different times of the day. The traffic is not the same at all hours and you know it. So, if you take your car out daily at a certain time then you won’t get the feel of the change in traffic at other times. For example, one day you can drive around at lunchtime, and another day you can do it in the evening. This will also help you discerning different driving patterns and weather patterns that you will have to face in the future.


One of the things that creates quite a problem with new drivers is the fact that they can’t handle the traffic and keep an eye on the way at the same time. Most often, they forget which turn they have to take or where they have to get off or on the highway and lose themselves. Usually, we don’t focus on the route when we are with someone else. And when we start driving, we realize that the roads and turns are all as if they are new to us. Visualize the route in your mind so that once you get on the road, it will be easier to keep track of it.


This might sound a little too basic to you, but when you are in the midst of it, you sometimes forget the essentials and how they work. This puts a dent in your confidence and you find yourself doing the craziest things that you normally would never have done. Make sure that you know where the hazard lights are, how to turn on the windscreen washer, and everything else in between. Try them out once before you start on your journey. Even if your car is the same as the car you learnt to drive in, it is better to be sure than to switch on the wrong thing at the wrong time.


Having a person beside you as you drive might feel comfortable sometimes, but other times it can be quite a bit of pressure. So, make sure that you take some personal time and practice alone. You don’t have to go a long way, just go around the block once or twice so that you can get a feel of the car.


Also, you might feel the urge to take your friends out as soon as you have passed the test, but we would strongly recommend against it. Friends could become a distraction, and you don’t need that right now.


We all are creatures of habit and don’t like leaving our comfort zones. But if you want to become a good driver, then you have to know different types of terrains and grounds. And there will come a time when you will have to take your car on long distances. So, it’s better that you start training yourself before the actual need arises. Start with the little things and then you can tackle the highway.


It is very easy to feel intimidated or feels motivated by other drivers. As they speed by you, you might shrink with fear, or you might want to try a daring move yourself. But if you want to become a good driver and not do anything rash, then you have to ignore the other drivers and focus on your driving only.


There are all types of terrains out there. You need to know that you can drive anywhere that you have to. So practice it before you actually have to do it.


Most people are shy and embarrassed of asking for help. But if you think that you are having problems with some aspect of driving, be sure to ask a qualified instructor or someone in your family and friends who are good drivers.


Driving can be a daunting task if you haven’t taken lessons properly or if you are scared to take your car out. But follow these tips, and you can boost your confidence and become the exceptional driver that you know you can be.