You may think that growing a beautiful lawn is as easy as dropping a couple of seeds in key locations, but you would be wrong. This is particularly true in places like Memphis, TN, or other western states, mainly because the climate there is actually unsuitable for some grass types! This is why TruGreen has developed a number of hints and tips to ensure their lawn is as beautiful as it can be.

TruGreen’s Top Tips on Growing a Beautiful Lawn

  1. Make sure that the grass you choose is suitable for your climate. Grasses have significant differences, with each preferring specific types of weather. Transition zone states, which are those that have very hot summers and very cold winters, struggle particularly with finding a good grass, because most prefer either warm or cold, not both. Exceptions include bermudagrass and zoysia grass.
  2. Make sure that your grass is mowed regularly and to the right height. This is key to make sure your lawn stays in a good condition. You should cut it depending no how quickly it grows. Hence, fast-growing grasses should be cut more often than slow-growing ones. Additionally, never cut more than a third of the length of the blades.
  3. Keep grass as long as possible. It stops sunlight from reaching weed seeds, providing them with the nutrients they need to grow.
  4. Water properly. Once a week, a deep watering is usually all that is required. If you don’t water enough, the roots will take hold very shallow, but too much creates weak stems and leaves. If you waterlog your garden, the roots won’t get the oxygen they need. Instead, you should make sure you water according to season.
  5. Fertilize your lawn as and when required. This is particularly important if you use a non-native grass, which means that the soil can’t provide it with is key nutritional needs. Regularly fertilize the lawn according to the grass’ needs. You may want to get a professional organization like TruGreen in to make sure you use the right fertilizer and don’t accidentally use anything toxic.
  6. Aerate your soil as and when needed. Plants need to exchange gases not just on the surface for the leaves, but also in the root area. When roots take on oxygen, they can metabolize the various nutrients they need. Hence, soil should always be properly aerated. Simply poking the soil in key locations is often all that is needed. You could even walk on your lawn with an old pair of stiletto heels (or spiked sports shoes) for the same result.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of work involved with maintaining a proper lawn. This is also why most people choose to simply hire a professional company like TruGreen instead. Doing so ensures that they are able to always enjoy the benefits of their lawn, without having to deal with all the associated stress.