Everybody wants to have beautiful, green, lush lawns. However, according to TruGreen complaints can also be made about desiring a “perfect” lawn. One of those is the common comment about the use of chemicals and pesticides. This can cause significant damage to the environment, even getting into the groundwater. Insects and other creatures can die, and this has a tremendous ecological impact. It is no surprise, therefore, that many countries have restricted the use of pesticides and herbicides in a lawn care service, be they professional or personal.

Other Customer Complaints about the Perfect Lawn

Another big complaint people have is that, in order to keep the grass green, a lot of water is needed. A green lawn is something to be very proud of. However, during summer, temperatures rise and rainfall diminishes, leading to browning of the grass. Hence, people start to water it more. What few people know, is that this is also very bad for the lawn. A good lawn service like True Green will not water the lawn any more than is necessary. They have explained that, when the grass turns brown, it isn’t actually dying, Rather, it is trying to conserve water. If it is then overwatered, the roots will literally drown.

Considering this, it is no surprise that True Green has received so many positive reviews. They take an honest and open approach to all the work that they do, and people appreciate this. Similarly, the company has also been positively reviewed for their explanation of the benefits of proper lawn care. For instance, it is a known fact that a healthy lawn is very important to help control erosion. Grass, as well as trees, can help to prevent “heat islanding”. This happens in cities, where there is a lot of concrete and asphalt and not enough greenery like grass and trees. Heat islanding means that the temperature within the city can be as much as 20 degrees above that of the countryside surrounding it. By having a properly maintained lawn and garden, you essentially protect the environment and make everything more comfortable for everybody around.

If you want to learn more about lawns and how to properly look after it, then you may want to read this review. And if you found this review useful, then do please comment on it. True Green is keen to teach people everything about the environment, the use of herbicides and pesticides, and properly maintaining a beautiful lawn all year long. They help their clients prevent soil erosion and ensure that their lawn looks great, regardless of the season. They welcome any questions, and will be more than happy to provide a quote for lawn care services if those are required. Naturally, those quotes are completely free and no obligation. For True Green, the goal is to make sure the natural environment is properly maintained, while at the same time enabling people to have the garden of their dreams.