There is an urgency for the requirements for services and the legal representation in the matters of personal injury, construction site accidents, slips and falls and defections in products. The attorneys at any firm look into this and provide special care and attention given to those people who have been injured or are disabled. If there is an injury, disability, or death of a person which happened on spot in the job, or maybe from a road accident, a construction site accident, or any other personal injury, the firm is always ready for help.

How can any law firm be trusted over critical issues?

In a place where people look up to the lawyers, there is a law firm which provides an example of excellence, outstanding client support, client first attitude and integrity. The Walthew Law firm which was established in 1933 has been representing its clients for over 75 years now. It looks into all of these problems and helps its clients in offering a wide range of services related to this. It provides help for the injury that is occurred through the negligence of others. Their services are quite professional and they have received good feedback all over the Washington DC.

Image Source: The Walthew Law Firm

How can this firm help workers?

The attorneys at The Walthew Law firm understand the only business of helping people. They are not any other business nor any insurance companies to run for. They are very compassionate about their clients and have been working with over 80 years of experience and knowledge.

If a person is experiencing sudden injury or a medical condition that has disabled him, then it can certainly put him/her out of work, which definitely affects the financial security and makes it difficult for him/her to sustain the rest of their lives. The attorneys in the firm also understand about the challenges that are faced by the workers in the workers’ compensation law or on the personal injury claims. They fight on behalf of their clients to secure compensation for the workers as quickly as possible. The areas of law in which the Walthew Law firm operates are:

  1. Employment
    1. Workers’ Compensation
  2. Health Care & Social
    1. Social Security Disability
  3. Motor Vehicles
    1. Bus Accidents
    2. Car Accidents
    3. Motor Vehicle Accidents
    4. Truck Accidents
  4. Personal Injury
    1. Construction Accidents
    2. Construction Injuries
    3. Defective Products
    4. Slip & Fall

Since, they have an experience in Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and personal injury cases it enables the attorney to both advocate for clients at trial and get all the possible claims that are related to an injury or occupational disease. They understand the financial constraints of the clients who are unable to work due to a serious injury. They believe in a thinking that they are not getting paid until their client gets the payment.

How to know if it is necessary to go for an attorney or not?

If you know someone who has been injured, please place a call right away. The firm is having an option for free consultation. After a free consultation, they will let you know if and when an attorney might be required or not. If it is not required, they will also help you with the further course of actions. You can reach out to them at 206-483-0433.